Read This Before You Quit Your Day Job

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Tired of being overworked and underpaid? Ready to do your own thing? Well, you aren’t alone. I speak to people every week who say they want to take the plunge into converting More...

Black Unemployment Decreased…Or Did It?

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According to data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate for African Americans fell from a shocking 16.9% in 2010 to 11.9% as of December 2013.  The More...

What’s Keeping You From Finding A Job

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I am the first to recognize that there are a multitude of factors that are beyond our control that will make it very hard to find employment within a reasonable amount of time. More...

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5 People Who Shouldn’t Own a Home

Despite what you’ve heard, buying a home is not for everyone. Pre-Depression, many people who shouldn’t have purchased homes in the first place, went against their More...

What Does a ‘No-Cost Refi’ Really Mean?

The pitch for a no-cost refinance sounds pretty attractive: replace your current mortgage with a lower-interest rate mortgage and pay nothing for the privilege of doing it. More...

Financial Lies You Can’t Afford to Tell


 Whether we are lying to ourselves or lying to each other, sooner or later our financial lies will come to light.  Now More...

5 People Who Shouldn’t Own a Home

home buying

Despite what you’ve heard, buying a home is not for everyone. Pre-Depression, many people who shouldn’t More...

how to get rid of debt How to Get Rid of Debt

Are you looking for an easy way to get out of debt? Today on Young Finances...

how to build wealth 3 Ways to Build Wealth

There is a distinct difference between active income, and passive income. The wealthy have learned this...

LaTisha's Loans How to Pay off $65,000 of Student Loan Debt

LaTisha owes a whopping $65,000 in student loans alone.  She shares how she plans to pay...

5 Tips To Help You Juggle Your Side Hustle While You Work Full Time

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So you’ve decided to start your own business. That is commendable. It takes a lot of dedication and determination More...

3 Tips to Avoid Business Opportunity Scams

I’m sure you’ve heard these words from a friend before “Are you interested in a Business Opportunity” I am willing to..

The Psychology of Selling and How to Price Your Products

Pat Flynn of the successful six-figure income blog, Smart Passive Income  joins us with what is arguably one of his best podcasts..

He Lost Everything and Created His Own Do Over

Matt Theriault

Matt Theriault tells his incredible story about how he built a music business that grossed over $100K per month, More...

How One Man Doubled His Salary in Four Years Without Kissing Ass

Kraig Mathias managed to double his income in four short years without, as he says, “kissing anyone’s ass.”  Who wouldn’t be..

Can Using Coupons Make You Spend More Money?

grocery game coupons Over the last few years there has been an intense focus on using coupons to save money by playing the grocery..

How Can I Invest With a 401K Plan?

how-can-invest-with-401k Investing in a 401K is the best way to secure your future and have a snug retirement plan in place for..
Donald Sterling

How We Should Have Reacted To Donald Sterling’s Racist Views

Another day, another racist Donald Sterling sound bite.  We’re in America, the land of free speech, so he’s free to keep..
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Top 10 Cities for African American Families

When it comes time for you to start and raise your family, you want to make sure you do it in..

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