Why You Need to Diversify Your Income Sources

Why You Need to Diversify Your Income Sources is a post from: Faithful With A Few. If you enjoy it, please subscribe to the Feed. Yesterday I ran into a friend I hadn’t seen More...

Top 5 Interview Questions Most College Students Bomb

African American Student

When you’re going out on your first round of professional interviews, you may be worried about your lack of a lengthy resume, relevant experience, or salary history. Luckily, More...

9 College Survival Hacks: What They Don’t Tell You in the Admissions Office

college student on campus

  The fall semester is in full swing for colleges and universities all over the country. If you’re a student, you’re probably settling in to your new schedule and getting More...

home buying

5 People Who Shouldn’t Own a Home

Despite what you’ve heard, buying a home is not for everyone. Pre-Depression, many people who shouldn’t have purchased homes in the first place, went against their More...

What Does a ‘No-Cost Refi’ Really Mean?

The pitch for a no-cost refinance sounds pretty attractive: replace your current mortgage with a lower-interest rate mortgage and pay nothing for the privilege of doing it. More...

How to Start Investing with Just $100 per Month

$100 bill

One of the most common misconceptions about investing is that it’s only suitable for older people and it’s risky enough More...

Financial Lies You Can’t Afford to Tell


 Whether we are lying to ourselves or lying to each other, sooner or later our financial lies will come to light.  More...

Ask LaTisha! How Can I Create Diversified Retirement Portfolio? | Ask LaTisha

Today’s question comes from Jody in regards to creating a retirement investing portfolio. How would you...

my debt plan experience My Debt Management Plan Experience

Latisha shares her own experience paying off over $20,000 using a debt management plan administered by...

how to get rid of debt How to Get Rid of Debt

Are you looking for an easy way to get out of debt? Today on Young Finances...

#MoneyChat: Getting Media Attention For Your Business

smal business ideas

Hello #MoneyChatters! So glad to have former Dove model, serial entrepreneur & my friend Kathy Zucker on More...

5 Tips To Help You Juggle Your Side Hustle While You Work Full Time

So you’ve decided to start your own business. That is commendable. It takes a lot of dedication and determination to start..

3 Tips to Avoid Business Opportunity Scams

I’m sure you’ve heard these words from a friend before “Are you interested in a Business Opportunity” I am willing to..

Brown Ambition Ep. 8: Make your credit jump like Jordan

brown ambition

Hosts Tiffany Aliche and Mandi Woodruff get together on this weekly podcast, Brown Ambition, to chat about about More...

How I Repaid $50,000 In 2 Years Podcast

Without a full time job, Sandy Smith from Yes, I Am Cheap paid off $50k in debt. How did she do..

He Lost Everything and Created His Own Do Over

Matt Theriault tells his incredible story about how he built a music business that grossed over $100K per month, lost it..
P Diddy on his Maybach

Rappers Own Half of The 10 World’s Most Expensive Celebrity Cars

When it comes to spending money, rappers aren’t always known for using their best judgement. Sure, we are used to seeing..
Line of black Friday shoppers

Why You Should Skip Black Friday this Year

Yes, I said it. It’s a good idea to sleep in the day after Thanksgiving and skip the most popular sales..

Ask The Experts A Question

Have you ever had a burning financial question that you’ve wanted to ask some one, but didn’t know who to turn to?..